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ADV Metal is a company promoted by a group of technocrats of proven track record with main focus on manufacturing and marketing of de-oxidation and desulphurization of hot metal related products and their application through demonstration with guaranteed result.

ADV Metal is a member of ADV Group headquartered at Delhi is registered with Govt. Organization and holding various licenses from Govt. of India and State Govt. for carrying out imports, exports and indigenous manufacturing and trading businesses.

Established in 1998, ADV Metal Combine Pvt. Ltd is a leading manufacturer, importer and exporter of industrial minerals, metals and ferro alloys. At its Aluminum division we reprocess aluminum dross and scrap. We are industry leaders in the recycling of White dross & Black dross generated from the recycling of Aluminum.

Our aim to provide our customers with the highest quality products that are eco-friendly at the most competitive prices. With sustained innovation and overall progress, our aim to expand and nurture our business to meet & exceed the needs of our customers.

Scope of Work
Our business activities cover a wide range of production and import activities. We are producers of low carbon & medium carbon Ferro-alloys, aluminum powder, ingots, coarse powder (aluminum fines) as well as recycled aluminum ingots and related products. We also import scrap and Ferro-alloys. With a wide portfolio of products, we have built and defined our expertise through excellence and innovative spirit in the industry.

The Plant (Unit I)
The ADV plant, located at Durg, has capacity to produce 4,000 tons of De-oxidation/Desulphurisation products per annum on a single shift basis. The plant capacity is proposed to be increased to over 12,000 tonnes per annum by adding certain balancing facilities for meeting the potential demand in future. The plant is capable of producing various types of Desulphurising Compounds based on calcium, aluminium and /or magnesium. The plant has latest controls and instrumentation system to ensure 100% safe and continuous operation and also to attain the desired product quality consistently. The construction of plant was started in March’1999 with an exclusive know-how available to few plants of world in the field of Desulphurising Reagents in Japanese market.

Unit II
We started our ferro alloy production through alumino- thermic process. We entered into technical collaboration with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay in 2004 and after establishing the production process by mid of 2004. Our quality is approved by many reputed alloy steel manufacturing companies in India. As per the agreement with BARC we are not allowed to export our product.

Our Product Range
The products are specially designed on the basis of customer’s metallurgical process, the manufactured products and the consideration of cost optimization for the best quality possible.

Our Products are broadly divided into following categories:
  • Slag Conditioner / Slag Former / Desulphurisor
  • Minerals and Ores
  • Metals and Ferro Alloys
  • Special Ferro Alloys (L.C. & M.C. Ferro Alloys)
  • Coal and Coke
  • Other products
Maximizing Aluminum Recovery
Our processes are aimed at creating an eco-friendly & economically competitive process that maximizes aluminum recovery and converts aluminum waste by-products typically diverted to landfills into commercially viable products.

Quality Assurance
Quality is a very important factor for deciding the life cycle of any organization. As today's customers are getting more and more quality conscious and this word is buzzing all around the corporate domain. We prefer not to keep any stone unturned on our part as regard to the quality of the products. The ISO 9001:2000 certification of our products is a testament to our strong credentials in quality standards.

Strong Network
At, ADV Metal Combine, we, have gone from strength to strength and has become one of the significant players in the industry. Our phenomenal growth is in no small part a result of the strong network we have across the globe and the quality we offer.

Eliminating Waste, Revitalizing Sustainability
Currently, competitive processes landfill anywhere from 60% to 100% of the volume of dross received, ADV Metal's recycling process has the ability to virtually eliminate the need for landfill. ADV is considered the industry leader in the development of alternative uses for Non Metallic Materials. We are committed to making continuous improvements in the quality management fronts for achieving sustainable growth over the long term.

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